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New Atlas Copco Electric Loader Scooptram EST1030
Mining and Petroleum
Written by Mr. Machines   

Atlas Copco Electric Loader ScoopThe new carbon emission free LHD loader scoop, Atlas Copco lives up to its promise: “Sustainable Productivity”. The latest addition to Atlas Copco’s range of Scooptram underground loaders is the Scooptram EST1030, an great alternative to diesel equipment in underground mining.

-Features and Benefits

According to Atlas Copco, this electric loader consumes less energy due to the electric motors high efficiency, produces less heat and ofcourse has a lower noise level, than a diesel equivalent machine.

The EST1030 scoop loader uses about 40% less energy and produces 40% less heat during “general operation” compared to the diesel version.

Franck Boudreault, Regional Business Manager says that “- The global release of the EST1030 shows our commitment to green technology and sustainable mining solutions”.

Ventilation has always been an issue in underground mining. There is where electric machinery makes the best. An electric machine requires very little ventilation, only a minimum must be kept to keep the dust and heat at acceptable levels as well as air for the operator.

-“As mines go deeper, heat and ventilation becomes more and more problematic. At the same time the price of fuel is rising. We strongly believe that efficient electric vehicles will be the key in future mining operations”, adds Lars Bergkvist- Global Projects Manager.

These cable powered electric loaders are not new in concept, they have actually been around for some years already. The cable and the cable control have however always been a problem area. High tension caused the cable to wrap around corners causing cuts and high cable wear.

Scooptram EST1030 Atlas CopcoThe EST1030 electric loader introduces a new patented cable control system that lowes the cable tension as well as cable wear. Operating the new scooptram is easy. Any operator that has used a ST1030 loader will feel right at home when entering the EST1030. All controls are the same as in the diesel version and with a minimum amount of training the operator will quickly be at his full potential.

-Safety Features

Key safety features include spring-applied, hydraulically released (SAHR) brakes.

“Health and safety is always on top of the agenda. By switching from diesel to electric there is a big improvement in air quality as well as a major noise reduction.” says Erik Svedlund, Product Manager Electric vehicles.

The ISO and ROPS/FOPS approved cabin features the Atlas Copco foot box that provides increased leg room and ergonomic control placements. The cabin of the electric loader is placed on rubber mounts, reducing vibrations.

-Service, Parts and Support

The electric Scooptram EST1030 share 90% of its components with the proven and very successful Atlas Copco diesel Scooptram ST1030. The diesel version is sold in large numbers all over the world. This ensures spare parts availability as well as product support in even the most remote places.


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