Hire a Drunk Driving Attorney

If you have made a mistake of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it would be the best idea to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney DC immediately. Driving drunk is a severe offense with heavy penalties. People who drive a vehicle while under the influence put the lives of innocent individuals at risk. It is not a surprise that DUI charges are often very severe.  

Keep in mind that operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol can have a detrimental impact on your future. If you get convicted, it will stay on your criminal record. Something like this will have an adverse influence on the rest of your life. Many employers won’t want to hire you as they will prefer applicants with clean records. In case you are a tenant looking for an apartment to rent, some landlords won’t want you living on their property. Your car insurance rates will also increase a lot as you will be considered a high-risk driver by your insurance company. 

Some of the short-term consequences that you will encounter include paying expensive fines, doing community service, and having your license revoked. These are all penalties for people who drive intoxicated but without casualties. In case you severely injure someone or even kill a person while operating your vehicle drunk, you will end up in jail. Additionally, you will have to live with it for as long as you are alive. 

As you can see, driving a car after consuming alcohol is simply not worth it. It is always a better idea to call a cab instead. However, sometimes people have just a couple of drinks and assume that they are sober enough to drive. Unfortunately, in many cases, when a police officer pulls them over, it turns out that they are over the legal blood alcohol limit of 0.08%. Drinking alcohol before operating a vehicle is not a good idea as you can be legally drunk even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t let one stupid mistake ruin your future. In case you make this mistake and want to avoid severe penalties, you should get in touch with an attorney who specializes in DUI cases immediately. Hire someone with years of experience in this field and who has handled many cases similar to yours in the past. 

Do Your Research 

If you have no idea who to hire, it would be the best idea to ask your friends and relatives for referrals, or go online and search for a drunk driving lawyer in your area. It is important to research various attorneys, and choose the one who you think is best for your particular case. Luckily, most legal experts have websites, and you can easily find testimonials from previous clients. Thanks to the online reviews, you will get an idea about the quality of services that a particular expert provides. After you find a couple of promising attorneys, you should give them a call and schedule a face-to-face meeting. After the consultation, pick the one that you find most suitable and hire him or her.